Monday, August 8, 2016

Astrology And Politics: Trump's Implosion

The Donald has had a really bad two or three weeks. Some national election polls have him down as much as fifteen points now. The Huffington Post polling average has him down by eight. I don’t think most people expected this. However, there are astrological aspects that help to explain it pretty well.

It seemed to start with the GOP convention and Trump’s wife, Melania. Some of her speech at the convention seemed to be plagiarized from a 2007 speech given by Michelle Obama. The media jumped on it, and that’s what we heard for about the first two days of the convention. Trump’s natal Chiron (wounds and issues) is conjunct his natal Juno (spouse) in Libra (the marriage sign). That night, the Moon was in a square aspect to this point from Capricorn. And, then Trump gave a very depressing and negative speech that wasn’t received very well by the nation as a whole even if many of Trump’s most rabid supporters did like the speech. During this time period, transiting Mars was moving back into a square aspect to his natal Mars and Ascendant in Leo for the third time. The first two times, Trump launched into attacks on a Latino judge who is presiding over the Trimp University case. This time he decided to attack a Four Star family/couple whose Muslim son was killed in the Middle East during the Bush presidency. That, among other things, did not go over too well with most of the American public. Now, we have top level military officials saying that Trump is not fit for the presidency. This is not the only reason for that, however. It was leaked that he asked a top level official “why can’t we just use nuclear weapons.” And, he said that the Russians should hack into the Clinton servers to find 30K missing emails. His fondness for Putin is a concern for many.

In addition to the above transit/aspects, transiting Uranus is in Trump’s ninth house of foreign cultures and affairs. It squares his natal Saturn in Cancer and his eleventh house of friends (and groups). The ninth house also deals with higher education issues and the law (Trump University lawsuit).

I hear some pundits say that Trump has lost his luster. Well, during the primary season, Trump’s progressed Sun was conjunct his natal Ascendant in Leo. It gave him presence and star power abundantly. He could almost do no wrong with GOP primary voters. But, now that we have moved on to the general election, his progressed Sun has changed signs - into Virgo. The energies and tone of Virgo are different from Leo. It is a more humble and service oriented sign. It is not boastful or loud, and Trump is both. To get the most out of this position, Trump needs to exhibit more of the Virgo qualities. And, I’m not sure that he can. The upcoming solar eclipse on September 1 squares his progressed Sun and occurs in his first house of personality. And, the lunar eclipse later in the month squares his natal Sun. That will herald in more difficulty for Trump. Mars transits his fourth house of home and family. Transiting Mars conjoins Trump’s natal Moon the same day that the Sun squares his natal Moon (September 13). Saturn is transiting this (fourth) house as well. This is what he is supposed to be working on now - not necessarily running for President. All in all, while Trump will have some good days in the next month or so, his transits are mostly hard and/or negative (through about Sept. 15). He would/will have to navigate his campaign carefully if he wants to remain viable.

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