Monday, October 10, 2016

Astrology And Politics: Debate No. 2

1 One of the most common things I heard after the second debate was about how angry Trump was, and how the debate itself was angry. Transiting Mars was in opposition to Trump’s natal Mercury and squared Trump’s progressed Mars at the time of the debate. Such aspects would make one want to tell off someone that s/he is pissed off at. And, Trump is not known for holding it in or restraining himself - whether he can or not is debatable. He was intensely angry, and everyone knew it.

2 The Sun was conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter (in Libra). This aspect tends to make one feel good and believe that what is going down is good/positive. This aspect can also make one go overboard and be overconfident. Trump can be expected to go overboard almost all the time, and he is always confident (or, at least he appears to be). This aspect did, however, help him to perform better in this debate than the last one. He was coherent in making his points, although it was obvious that he did not know what he was talking about with regard to some issues - such as foreign affairs issues. Trump’s natal Jupiter is in a square aspect to his natal Saturn/Venus, so this aspect did not help him as much as it could have under other circumstances.

3 The Sun was in a trine aspect to Trump’s natal Uranus. The unexpected happened prior to the debate as Trump held a Facebook discussion with some women that feel that President Bill Clinton abused (sexual misconduct) or treated them badly. This was probably done to throw Hillary off balance. It might have, but she performed fairly well anyway.

4 Mercury was conjunct Trump’s natal Neptune (and squared his natal Mercury). He repeated more untruths (lies?) in this debate than even the last one. Whether he really believes all the things he said, I’m not sure. Maybe he does actually believe these things. Nevertheless, he stated many many things that are simply not true.

5 It was, again, the planet Venus that made aspect to Hillary’s natal planets. Venus was conjunct her natal Mercury, which again helped her to appear pleasant and speak in a likable and pleasant manner. Venus was squaring her natal Saturn, however. When the two first appeared on stage at the debate, Hillary seemed to give Trump the cold shoulder. That is probably understandable considering the circumstances, but it probably did not look good to some folks. And, she seemed to hold back at times. That could have been a good thing or a bad thing depending on the subject matter. She did seem to warm up and.or loosen up as the debate went on. Venus was also in a trine aspect to her natal Moon. We do not know how close the trine was because we are not certain of her exact birth time.

6 The Sun had already squared transiting Pluto and was still in aspect at the time of the debate. This aspect - one that could symbolize a power play - seems to me to symbolize the moment when Trump threatened to appoint a special prosecutor to look into Hillary’s emails and other issues and also to have her thrown in jail. It won’t get any better as we approach the third debate as transiting Mars conjoins transiting Pluto the morning of the 19th. The two planets will oppose Trump’s Mercury/Saturn midpoint and square his Chiron/Juno.

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