Friday, October 14, 2016

A Marriage Proposal

Update 1: This original post was written in October of 2016. The happy couple are still together, and they still plan to wed, but haven't set a firm date. As I predicted, there have been complications (Mercury retrograde) and this engagement has been longer than most. If I had to guess when, I'd say probably Sept./Oct. of 2018 as transiting Jupiter opposes groom 1's natal Juno and groom 2's stellium in Taurus.

Update 2: As I previously forecast, the happy couple has scheduled their wedding for September 22, 2018. In addition to the above, Saturn is conjunct groom 1's natal Venus (adding longevity to the relationship). Jupiter is in opposition to groom 2's natal Venus (indicating a climax).

Two of my male friends became engaged last month. The engagement was announced very early on September 11, 2016 PST. I don’t know the exact time of the proposal, but it most likely occurred late on the 10th or early on the 11th. Many of you probably know who I’m talking about, but since many others will likely read this, I am withholding their names for privacy reasons. I will refer to each of the men as Groom 1 and Groom 2.

I know the exact birth time and place of Groom 1. He is an Aquarius with Pisces rising. He is Groom 1. At the time of the proposal, the Sun was exactly opposite his Ascendant (his Descendant). We often have dealings (sometimes important) with partners at such a time. Retrograding Mercury (the sign that rules his partnership house) was also in proximity to this point indicating communications with a partner.

The Sun was activating the September 12, 2015 solar eclipse in Virgo and conjunct Groom 1’s Descendant. This seems to be the culmination of that eclipse in his life. The Sun was also activating the March 8, 2016 solar eclipse in Pisces and conjunct Groom 1’s Ascendant.

Groom 1 has Saturn in Taurus and conjunct Groom 2’s natal Sun/Venus/Mercury. Some folks might interpret this aspect between the two charts as difficult. I don’t necessarily agree with that. It does connote serious matters between the two, but it also adds some solidity (some glue, if you will) to the partnership. It can make a partnership longer lasting. One thing can definitely be said about this partnership. It is NOT superficial.

At the time of the proposal, transiting Juno (the asteroid that rules civil marriage) was in opposition to Groom 1’s Saturn and Groom 2’s Sun. Transiting Uranus was opposing Groom 2’s natal Juno in Libra (the sign most closely associated with marriage). Transiting Mercury was in trine aspect to Groom 2’s Mercury/Venus. Groom 1’s natal Juno is conjunct Groom 2’s natal Venus/Mercury. Groom 2 made the proposal and initiated the engagement. Sometimes Uranus transiting in opposition to one’s Juno can indicate divorce or the breakup of a marriage, but it really just indicates a change in relationship status. In this case, it seems to have brought the two together in a closer bond.

The proposal occurred while the two were on vacation/holiday abroad. Transiting Jupiter was conjunct Groom 2’s Jupiter. Jupiter returns are usually very fortunate aspects, and often indicate traveling to foreign lands. It was a trip that he will not likely forget. Transiting Jupiter was conjunct Groom 1’s natal Pluto (ruler of his ninth house of foreign travel and foreign cultures).

Mercury was retrograde as was mentioned above. I don’t think that this means that either of the two will change his mind, although that’s possible. It could simply mean that the engagement will be more complicated than either of them wish. They are both very well known and have an abundance of friends and family. So, that seems likely.

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