Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 30, 2015 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to  1R – Awful

We begin the weekend with the Moon transiting gregarious Gemini. The Sun (in hauntingly seductive Scorpio) trines transiting Neptune (in Pisces) in the afternoon. Folks are creative and imaginative with their Halloween costumes. The Moon moves into family-oriented Cancer very early on Saturday morning where it remains the remainder of the weekend.

Aries – Speak your mind on Friday. Don’t overdo it, however, because you could be feeling a bit combative. That’s fine if you really feel you need to get something off your chest. Look at the big picture, and understand the consequences. You may need to catch up on your correspondence. Return phone calls, catch up on email, and chat away. Have you changed your status on Facebook? You might take a short trip. Home and family are important the remainder of the weekend. Your romantic creativity and imagination is impressive on Saturday. A project may be approaching completion, although interference from others might irritate you. Next week: Your creativity soars.  RRR  

Taurus – Pay bills and focus on your finances on Friday. You’re imaginative with one on one relating. A friend might have some good ideas. You speak with sensitivity most of the remainder of the weekend. Hang out with friends and neighbors. Take an overview, and try out your ideas on others. You will probably need to remain flexible, or you could end up with that “Lord today” feeling. Don’t become obsessed with one idea that you may not like. Try not to sit on deeper emotional feelings. Let go of something unnecessary. You are likely to feel generous and more than a little bit self-indulgent on Sunday. Feelings are deep but pleasant. Someone could bend over backwards in an effort to help you and fulfill your needs. Next week: Changes at home.  RRRRR

Gemini – Go for what you want on Friday as the Moon has put you in the spotlight. You smile and others respond. Take a look at your finances the remainder of the weekend, and try to get a handle on expenditures. Some good bargains may help you to save money if you need to. If you have been neglecting your partner, family, and/or good friends lately in favor of work, you may not find this weekend to be very pleasant. If that is the case, your adaptability will help you to bring things back into balance. Use your power creatively, and make some changes on Saturday. You’re cheerful on Sunday even though there is likely more work to do. Next week: Some will head out for a new home. Others, more work.  RRR

Cancer – You may be a bit slow to get into the holiday weekend spirit this weekend. Get some R & R on Friday. On Saturday, you are the star of the show. What do you wish for? Go for it now. Social get-togethers are fun as delightfully scary fantasies abound, and friends are pleasant to be with. You might have your mind on just one other person, however, because your testosterone level is off the charts. Your words are stronger and might be a bit sharper than usual on Saturday. The party could get pretty wild before it’s over. However, on Sunday you are in a more compromising state of mind. Peaceful relationships is the goal. Next week: Pay the bills.  RRRRR

Leo – Having some festive Halloween fun with your friends is probably what you’re up to this Friday. Many are creative and imaginative. Romantic relationships are intense. You might want to curb a slight tendency to be possessive. When all the festivities are finally over, you may want to vanish. You could have something important to attend to the remainder of the weekend, or you might simply need a little extra R & R. If you’re feeling a bit touchy or irritable, taking a look at the big picture will probably cheer you up. You could feel a bit lonely and isolated on Sunday, but it will pass. Next week: Go for what you want.  RRR

Virgo – You will have responsibilities to take care of on Friday, and no one works as hard as Virgo. You’ll handle them with your usual discipline and attention to detail, although you could be feeling a bit touchy. You are clearly someone who can get things done. But, the rest of the week, get with friends for some fun and games. You deserve it, and with the two benefic planets along with energetic Mars in your sign, you’ll likely have enormously pleasant and fun times and perhaps romance as well. You have deep and profound emotions on Saturday night. However, your mood is light and cheerful on Sunday. Next week: Get some rest.  RRRRR

Libra – Take off early on Friday if you can. As a matter of fact, take off the whole day and head for the hills or out of town to look for a new adventure. Otherwise, responsibilities land on you for the remainder of the weekend. Regardless, you are a force to be reckoned with. You have an eager mind and you feel more alert and mentally sharp. On Saturday, you’re more in touch with your feelings, and you show more emotional sensitivity to others. Your energy level is high on Sunday. Take action and perhaps get some exercise. Look for common ground with others. Next week: Fun with friends.  RRRR

Scorpio – Spend time with your significant other on Friday. You seem to instinctively know how s/he feels. If you’re single, get to know someone interesting better. New and different adventures abound the remainder of the weekend. It’s Halloween, and all the imaginative costumes of wicked witches, ghouls, and goblins are a delight. Don’t forget to check out the handsome princes and beautiful princesses, although you’ll be more interested in what is below the surface. Others may head out on an adventure out of town. On Sunday, you feel good and you approach everything with vitality and self-confidence. Next week: Responsibility calls.  RRRRR  

Sagittarius – Defer to others on Friday, and your popularity is on the rise. Let others choose the fun activities this weekend. You’re optimistic, and optimistic people are attractive. A behind the scenes event is helpful to a family member. Spend time with someone that you deem special the remainder of the weekend. A relationship could deepen for some. You may want to beautify or otherwise improve your home. Your energy level is high on Saturday, and you can accomplish quite a bit. You might be a bit irritable early on Sunday. You could be quite indulgent, but you will feel quite good later in the day. Next week: Think of taking a fall vacation. RRRRR  

Capricorn – You have work to do on Friday before you can enjoy the weekend festivities. A sibling or neighbor has an excellent imagination and is quite creative. Lady luck is smiling upon you. Others will not allow you to work the remainder of the weekend, however. You could feel as if you are being pulled in two different directions. Lighten up. You’re quite popular, and you’ll likely have numerous invitations. Defer, and allow someone else to decide. You’ll make some new discoveries on Sunday, and you may be able to solve something that had eluded you prior to now. Next week: Spend some time with someone that you care deeply about. RRRR

Aquarius – Your playfulness is impressive, and you’re creative as well. Singles looking for love may have some interesting opportunities on Friday. You could get lucky. You also could be the agent of radical changes in your life (and others). Let off some steam on Saturday. You may have more than your share of work to do the remainder of the weekend. That’s perfectly fine with some of you as Halloween is not your favorite holiday. Others will find a way to mix some fun in with work. Your thinking will be unusually influenced by your feelings. Dig deep for answers on Sunday. This week: Others demand your attention.  RRR

Pisces – Home is definitely where your heart is on Friday. The warmth of home and family pleases you. Your imagination and intuition are impressive. Take a look at the big picture and how you can manifest your future goals. It’s time for fun and games and romance the remainder of the weekend. You’re also creative. You could be a bit sensitive and vulnerable, however. Try not to take anything too seriously or personally. Your mind is stimulated on Sunday, and you could have some pretty wild ideas. They flash through your mind at lightning speed. Next week: Focus on work and health issues and a little romance. RRRR

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