Tuesday, October 27, 2015


The following are (astrological) general rules for analyzing how one manages financial affairs and what shape their financial position may be in along with what is happening with one’s financial situation. There are exceptions to these general rules.

First, the signs of Taurus and Scorpio have a financial connotation. Taurus deals with most money issues, and Scorpio deals with one’s partner’s finances, insurance, and taxes. The houses involved are the second house (your money) and the eighth house (others’ finances, insurance, and taxes). For speculative ventures and the stock market, we look at the fifth house. Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun may have financial consequences natally and/or from transits.

A Saturn transit of one’s second (or eighth) house or making aspects to the above mentioned planets will generally limit or restrict our finances or our money making potential. On the other hand, if we work hard and focus on this area that the Saturn transit indicates we should be working on, it could help us to firm up and solidify our financial position.

A transit made by the benefic planets (Jupiter or Venus) generally enhances our money making potential. However, Jupiter loves excess and Venus has a penchant for luxury. So, if you overdo it, you might be spending more money than the extra amount that you make during these transits. So, much depends on how one handles these transits, because we have free-will.

If Pluto is transiting your second house (or, your natal Venus), you will probably experience a major (possibly slow and relentless) change (of a transformational nature) to the way you make money and probably the way you think about money and your financial affairs. You could become obsessed with money or making money if you're not careful. Favorable aspects from Pluto to your money planets or from your money houses could make you quite clever about financial issues and making money.

A Neptune transit will probably make one fantasize about money and the good life. We aren’t normally very realistic with a Neptune transit, and that could get us into trouble if we do not try to stay at least a little bit grounded. Your money could evaporate under a Neptune transit, and you might be in a fog as to what is happening.

If Uranus is transiting one’s second house, s/he should expect the unexpected with regard to monetary issues. There could be sudden and unexpected expenditures or sudden and unexpected monetary income from surprising sources during this transit. You'll need to be quick about taking advantage of financial opportunities with advantageous Uranus aspects/transits.

It is no surprise that the second house deals with our values as individuals. If we look at what one spends his or her money and other resources on, we learn much about his or her value system and what s/he values. Some of these transits are for making us take a look at our values. What do you value?

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