Monday, June 5, 2017

Miscellaneous Astrological Musings - June 2017

Olivia Newton-John:

Olivia Newton-John has cancelled her upcoming concert tour. The reason is that she has just been diagnosed with Cancer in the Sacrum. She had been suffering from lower back pain and thought it was sciatica. As it turns out, the back pain is caused by breast cancer which has metastasized to her sacrum. The sacrum is a triangular bone in the lower back. The lower back is ruled by Venus (which also rules her Sun sign, Libra). In her natal chart, Venus is conjunct Pluto in Leo and squared Mars and Chiron in Scorpio.

The breast is ruled by the Moon. Her natal Moon is conjunct Uranus in Cancer and squared her Sun in Libra. The lunar eclipses of March, 2016 and September, 2015 fell opposite and conjunct her natal Sun.

Olivia is very committed to her career and works very hard. Her natal Sun is conjunct Asteroid Vesta.

As a decades-long fan, I wish for Ms Newton-John a speedy and full recovery.

A Friend’s Fourth House Cusp In Gemini:

We tend to want to have two of whatever is represented by which house is on Gemini in our charts. A friend of mine has Gemini on his fourth house. He has an apartment in San Francisco and also owns a home on a farm in the North Central part of California. He spends a few days in San Francisco to work, and then he spends the rest of his week on the farm.

Loretta Lynn:

Country singer, Loretta Lynn recently suffered a stroke. She is expected to recover fully, but she may not be out of danger even if she does.

In her natal chart, she has Mercury, Uranus, and Sun conjunct in late Aries. Transiting Uranus has been activating these planets in her chart by conjunction for quite a while now. Her natal Pluto in Cancer is squaring them from Cancer. Her natal Mars (which rules the head) is conjunct her natal Mercury, but is located in the earlier degrees on Aires. Her solar arc Saturn is conjunct her natal Sun.

Her natal Moon (rules the brain) is in early Leo, and she has natal Saturn in opposition from Aquarius. Her progressed Moon has entered her first house and conjunct her natal Ascendant. Her progressed Moon is in opposition to her progressed Lunar Node.

I wish for Loretta Lynn a speedy and full recovery.

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