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July 22, 2016 Weekend Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

As the weekend begins, the Moon is transiting the sign of emotional and intuitive Pisces. We feel compassion and empathy toward others. Our intuitive powers are stimulated. The Sun moves into creative and playful Leo very early on Friday. Let your hair down and enjoy yourself. Romance becomes more important. The Moon conjoins Neptune (ruler of Pisces) later on Friday night. Is your imagination running away with you? The Moon enters action oriented Aries very early on Sunday morning. We’re more energetic and  enthusiastic now.

Aries – This is one of those weekends that you may want or feel that you need to maintain a low profile. Be aware of what is happening behind the scenes on Friday. Nevertheless, you’re cheerful and in good spirits. Your imagination is impressive and adds to your creativity.

Continue to work behind the scenes and lay low on Saturday. Your chance to shine is coming up soon. The unexpected happens early in the AM, and could lead to some intense and compulsive behavior. Proceed accordingly. You could be a bit indulgent later in the evening.

The Moon enters your sign very early on Sunday morning, and you are energized. Go for what you want now. Your playful nature shines. State your case forcefully, but give others a fair shake. Go out in the evening hours for some fun before the close of the weekend. Next week: In the spotlight.   RRRR

Taurus – Friends figure prominently in your day on Friday.  You could manifest a wish or dream. An imaginative solution to a problem is preferable. Your need for excitement in a relationship could lead to an argument if you’re not careful.

Find your friends on Saturday for some light-hearted fun. Your compassionate nature is appreciated, although your strong imagination could lead to some confusion. Try to stay grounded. Your libido is quite strong. Get some exercise if your energy level is too high.

You might want to play a more behind the scenes type role on Sunday. Relax and take it easy. Call it an early night, and you might even want to take off tomorrow to get some extra R & R. Don’t take an ill advised risk. Next week: Go for what you want on Wednesday and Thursday.  RRRRR

Gemini – You’re in the public eye again on Friday. Put your best foot forward, and others will respond acceptably. Communication flows smoothly, so speak your mind. The problem might be that there is quite a bit of confusion in the ethers during the evening hours.

You continue to be in the public eye on Saturday, but the astrological atmosphere is more relaxed and less confusing. You could be a dreamy and romantic mood. Nevertheless, you’re a bit more in your element. In addition, the next month brings more opportunities for socializing, meeting new people, and relating with various types of people - just what you’re looking for.

Find your friends for some fun on Sunday. You’ll enjoy not being on center stage, finally. Still, group endeavors are favorable and enjoyable. However, some of you need to watch out for the unexpected. Next week: Fun with friends and then R & R time.  RRRR

Cancer – Look for a new adventure on Friday. Your imagination is strong, and your intuitive abilities are quite impressive later in the evening. But, don’t jump to conclusions. Wait for verification. Healing could be a theme for you today.

You might want to take a short weekend trip by Saturday as you’re a bit restless. You’ll need to pay closer attention to your finances in the next few weeks. New beginnings are possible, and you’re likely to meet some new and stimulating new friends today.

Your career and your professional reputation are of interest to you on Sunday, and you’re a force to be reckoned with. Include others in your future plans. Next week: All eyes are on you.  RRRRR

Leo – You might want to spend some quality time with someone that you deem special on Friday. Relating in this way brings you closer together. If you’re single, you could get to know someone a bit better. The mood is romantic later in the evening.

Continue to relate on a one on one basis on Saturday. You’ll be more effective that way. You tend to be more impulsive and unpredictable today, and that seems to help you to succeed. Happy birthday to all lions.

You’ll likely be in the mood for something a little different on Sunday. A new movie or concert might be the ticket for you. Your thinking will likely be influenced by your feelings and emotions today. Next week: More adventures and then you’re in the professional spotlight.  RRRRR

Virgo – Let others run the show today, but they’ll definitely want you along for the ride. Your popularity is on the rise. You could be viewing your relationships in a more spiritual manner. Daydreaming can be fun today.

Continue to defer to others, but look through your invitations for suggestions if you need to. Jupiter continues to provide luck and opportunity to you. And, you have the power of positive thinking working for you today.

You might want to spend some time with someone special on Sunday. It’s likely the perfect ending to a pleasant weekend. Next week: Quality time with a favorite person.  RRRRR

Libra – You’re likely to be working hard on Friday. You might have gotten a bit behind because of all the recent festivities. You’ll be able to catch up now. It’s a mentally active day for you, and there will be quite a bit of communication. Flexibility is important.

Work on your to do list today. You’ll be happy and more at ease when you feel more caught up with necessary tasks. Keep at it as you’re on a roll.

Others seek you out today, so you’ll probably need to put off any left over work. You know what they say about all work and no play. Besides, you’ll enjoy all the attention. In addition, you’re more intuitive today, and you can understand your own motivations. If you understand what your dreams are, you’ll be able to achieve them more easily. Next week: Others seek you out.  RRRR

Scorpio – While you might usually be a bit more subtle, your playful nature surfaces on Friday. Most likely, others will be surprised and delighted by your playfulness. You communicate in a clear and concise manner today. You could be inspired by a loved one’s imagination later in the PM.

Fun and games again fill your day on Saturday. Love and romance could also be on the agenda today. You’ll likely be smiling by the events of the day. It’s full steam ahead with regard to a project.

You may decide that it’s time to get back to work on Sunday. You might want to take care of a minor health issue as well. Your testosterone level is off the charts, so you might want to get some exercise. Next week: Working hard.  RRRRR

Sagittarius – A home improvement project or family issue requires your attention this weekend, and especially on Friday. Your efforts begin to pay off, and your creative imagination helps later in the PM.

Continue to focus on home and family issues on Saturday. You’ll get to your goal eventually. Be attentive to any health issues. Any problem could be confusing or difficult to diagnose. You’ll need to stay on top of the issue. Your mind is on serious topics.

You’ll be more in the mood to let your hair down and enjoy yourself on Sunday. Your playful and fun nature is impressive. Your libido might be strong today; get together with your sweetie. You can see the big picture today.  Next week: Relaxing and having fun.  RRR

Capricorn – You will likely have a lot to say on Friday. Return phone calls and answer email messages. Speak your mind with confidence. Nevertheless, someone might be confused later in the evening. You yourself might be a bit indulgent. You’ll at least have fun.

You might want to hang out with neighbors and friends on Saturday. Communication moves along smoothly today, and you’ll likely have a very pleasant feeling of well being. Nevertheless, know and understand your limits.

Home is where your heart is today. Stay close to home, and deal with any home or family issues. You might want to get more in touch with your emotions as well. Next week: Stay close to home; the unexpected happens.  RRRRR

Aquarius – On Friday, it’s time for you to get your finances in order, Aquarius. Balance the bank statement and pay bills before making other plans. Your thinking is disciplined and your critical faculties are sharp. Watch your money and your spending especially later in the evening. It could slip through your fingers easily. Nevertheless, you’re likely to make some interesting new friends during the PM.

Your finances are still your focus on Saturday, but the day looks more favorable for improvement. Later, know that you have much to offer.

Hang out with neighbors and friends on Sunday. Speak your mind and let others know what you think. However, do not expect everyone to agree. Check your Facebook timeline. Next week: You’ll have a lot to say and then happy at home.  RRRR

Pisces -- You’re in the spotlight on Friday as the Moon beams down on your sign. Go for what you want. You’re imaginative and intuitive today. Your innate idealism is stimulated today.

Go for more of what you want on Saturday. What would make you smile? Don’t stand on ceremony as the force is with you today. Excess energy could be causing you some irritation, however. Getting some exercise might help you to dissipate this stressful mood.

You might need to survey the damage to your bank account after recent indulgences. You’ve had a great time, but you might have spent more than you had intended. With regard to your relationship with others, you’re quite persuasive today. Next week: Pay bills first, and then hang out midweek. RRRRR

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