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May 18, 2017 Daily Ricksterscope

5R’s – Incredible to 1R – Awful

Aries – Your actions or the decisions that you make might surprise others today. At the same time, many of them will see how those actions or decisions make good sense. It could be that you’re making some major changes within an established system. Rather than throwing everything out, you see how it all works better when you work within the current system. Tonight: Vanish whenever you can.  RRRRR

Taurus – You again have the opportunity to show your leadership ability today. Your experience and expertise is what is necessary to make what needs to happen occur. You’ll be sure to  perform in an excellent manner. On the other hand, you might feel a bit discouraged about another matter. Evaluate what you’re doing in your own terms rather than putting too much credibility on what someone else thinks, and then you should be fine. Tonight: Reach out to a friend.  RRR

Gemini – Reach out to a friend at a distance that you have a lot in common with. Catch up on each other’s news. This is also a good day to go out and meet new people and have new and exciting adventures. This would help you to get out of a rut; the twin doe not deal with boredom well. You make a good impression on others, and you have the energy to socialize and have fun. The unexpected happens during the afternoon hours and could involve a family member. Tonight: In the spotlight.  RRRRR

Cancer – You could make sudden progress within your career or with regard to a professional issue today. It could involve getting the appropriate financing for an important project. It should be easier to get a loan or other needed funds now. Your focus will be on attaining your long-term goals. A conventional plan could lead to the changes you’d like to see. Your emotions are strong, and you’ll also get a great deal of gratification being of service to loved ones. Tonight: Take an overview.  RRRR

Leo – Others want to dominate today. While you might be in an assertive mood, you may need to look for common ground with others. This will still be a very productive day for you. A surprising event at a distance could lead to progress on a creative project or event. And, you’re energetic, and you can work on any project or activity that you need to. Your popularity reaches a peak. Tonight: Spend some time with someone you deem special.  RRRRR

Virgo – You’ll have a lot of work to accomplish today. Even if you’re retired, you’ll have tasks that need to be done. Work flows smoothly, and you’ll get it all done quickly. Your energy and your buoyant optimism help. A family member could suddenly decide to help you pay off a debt. The unexpected seems to surround you. Make sure that you and others understand any agreements that have been made or that are made today. Tonight: Defer to others.  RRRR

Libra – Your creativity is impressive today. And, your playful mood helps you to have fun even if you’re working today. Others enjoy seeing your spirits soar in this manner. The actions of an unpredictable partner could lead to success with regard to an important and long-term community project. The old and the new seem to combine quite well at this time, and you feel very much in harmony with yourself. Tonight: Have some fun, but head home early.  RRRRR

Scorpio – You’ll want to stay close to home again today. A conservative financial plan leads to sudden gains. An unpredictable coworker could be quite helpful now. You may also have a family issue or two to deal with, and you might overreact to something trivial or less important than you think. If someone has hurt you, know that it was not done with malicious intent. You’ll likely be more understanding of others after this situation. Tonight: Go out for some fun. RRR

Sagittarius – Even though you might have been in a somber state of mind lately, your words today are quite electric. You unique communication style works to your benefit at this time. In addition, you can work patiently now to achieve an important goal in the future. You have a sense of discipline now, and your concerns are practical in nature. At the same time, your love life could be electric. Tonight: Hang out for a short while, and then head home.  RRRRR

Capricorn – You’ll need to continue to deal with financial issues today, and your actions could lead to sudden gains. A behind the scenes event favorably affects your finances as well. An unpredictable family member could be helpful even though you might be a bit uncomfortable with his or her methods. A love one might have a lot to say. Listen carefully. Tonight: Speak your mind.  RRRR

Aquarius – Go for more of what you want today. The daylight hours are especially favorable for pushing forward on any personal projects. Your words are inspiring and/or spiritual, and an older friend is helpful. Both help you to achieve a long-term goal. Your friends and your neighbors and your siblings all support you, and today should be quite positive and productive. The unexpected happens during the afternoon with a romantic interest. Tonight: Pay bills.  RRRRR

Pisces -- You’ll need to continue to maintain a low profile today even though you might become a bit restless. You might feel a bit vulnerable as well. You’ll be more effective if you’ll wait just a little bit longer. On the other hand, behind the scenes issue progress very nicely. Someone might push your buttons later in the afternoon, and this could get your blood boiling. You might need to rein yourself in a bit. Tonight: Go for what you want later in the evening.  RRR

Famous people born on May 18: Tina Fey (TV Actress), George Strait (Country Singer), Perry Como (Pop Singer)

(Note: This horoscope was prepared using the Pacific Standard Time for timing. Other time zones should adjust accordingly.)

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